Building a Collaborative Team

Building a Collaborative Team

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Write about the following:

• A brief explanation of your specialization and the action plan you outlined in your Module 2 Discussion 1 post.

• The members of your hypothetical, cross-specialization team you will need to collaborate with to help initiate the change process you outlined in Module 2 Discussion 1. Explain why you selected these specific individuals and how their expertise will support needed changes in your specialization.

Reminder: The members of your hypothetical team may be represented by individuals already on the Grand City task force and/or from a different specialization area in your own district or locale.

• Two evidence-based strategies for working collaboratively with your team members. Be sure to explain how the strategies will establish buy-in from your team and support meaningful change for your specialization and the Grand City community.

• How you will use on-going data to inform collaborative decision making and make continued positive changes within your specialization. Be sure to support your explanation with reference to the existing Grand City data.
For this Discussion, and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style and provide reference citations.