Building a Personal Learning Network




Submit a 3- to 5-page paper in which you create the plan for you PLN- You paper
should include the following:

oA description of what networks and tools you will use to create you PLN, including a
brief rationale for each

Olnformation you will present in you professional profile (which may be placed on one
or more social media platforms), including specific text you will use to identify youself
and you interests for those who might be interested in following you orjoining you

oA categorized, annotated list of at least 5 people or groups that you might add to
you PLN (through their Twitter feed, blog, Linkedln page, etc-), including the following
for each person or group: oA brief (1 -2 paragraphs) rationale for why you would
include the person or group in you PLN

oA brief (1 paragraph) description of the process by which you found the person or
group you added to you PLN, e-g-, by browsing a group’s Twitter feed and then
deciding to add it to you own PLN, by locating another person the group’s feed
follows, by finding a group on Facebook and deciding to send a friend request to an
individual within that group, etc.

OSupport you work with a minimum of two specific citations per page from this
week’s Learning Resouces and/or additional scholarly souces-