Building Regulations and Control In constructions

Building Regulations and Control In constructions

Project description

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Assignment Brief

The overall aim of this unit is for you to demonstrate your understanding of some of the principles behind the building regulations and their implementation in the construction industry.

Grading Criteria

P1    examine the factors that have influenced the historical development of building control
P2    discuss the legislation and documentation associated with building control, and their application
P3    identify the various Approved Documents that comprise the Building Regulations
P4    describe the application and enforcement of the Building Regulations
P5    explain the approval procedures used in building control
P6    evaluate the documentation used to support building control
P7    Identify the powers of local authority building control officers and approved inspectors.
P8    produce a specimen Building Regulations application, with all necessary documentation.

M1    explain the particular implications of the Building Regulations
M2    propose answers to two queries related to interpretation of the Building Regulations
M3    explain the procedures and consequences of enforcing the Building Regulations.

D1    justify the proposed solution to two separate Building Regulation issues
D2    evaluate your building regulation application.

Understand the origins and purpose of building control
Know how to apply and enforce Building Regulations
Understand the procedures and documentation involved with Building Regulation approval
Be able to prepare a submission for Building Regulation approval

The submission must be on time and presented professionally and within a clear-plastic wallet.
Work must have a cover sheet containing the course and unit titles, your student reference number, the assignment title and date. Include this assignment brief with the submission.
Any re-submissions should be suitably indicated on the revised work. All previous work and cover sheet must be included in re-submissions.
Each sheet of your assignment must contain a page number, ideally with the total number of pages, and your student reference number.
Include all referenced documents and any that were used for research purposes, this includes all web sites visited and the dates when you visited them.
All quotes or references in the text should be correctly inserted within the flow of the work.
Calculations should demonstrate an underlying knowledge of the principles and concepts required to solve the problems and be professionally presented.

Task 1 – Understand the origins and purpose of building control (LO1) P1, P2, M1
You have been asked to give a talk to school children about the Building Regulations. Prepare a hand-out that can be distributed at the session that explains:
Why there is a need for building regulation.
The history behind the current system of building regulation.
The current legislation that relates to building control and how the different levels of legislation etc. interact. This should identify the legislation or document, explain the intention for its existence and the main contents.
You should explain about the different levels of legislation.
Include a description of the aspects of construction that are covered by the Regulations and explain why they each need to be regulated.

Task 2 – Know how to apply and enforce Building Regulations (LO2) P3, P4, M2, D1

a)    A new trainee has started with your company. You have been asked to give them a guide to the practical details of the Building Regulations.
i.    Identify and explain the function of each of the approved documents.
ii.    Include the most important aspects of each Part.
b)    To assess the trainee’s understanding of your explanations you ask him some questions. Provide sample answers to the following problems:
i.    There are explicit temperatures relating to hot water supply to a bath and within a heating system stated in one of the Regulations.
ii.    In a domestic property there is a particular height described above which fall protection must be provided.
Identify and provide your description of the relevant text and provide an explanation of the reasoning behind the regulations. Inserting a copy of the actual text would be useful to relate your text to.

Task 3 – Understand the procedures and documentation involved with Building Regulation approval (LO3) P5, P6
A relative knows that you work within the construction industry and has asked for your assistance.
a)    Your relative has asked your advice on their proposed extension to their house. Identify and explain the procedure, benefit and limitation for each of the three types of Building Regulation application. Include an explanation of the costs of each and when each should be used.
b)    Your relative wishes to use the safest method of application, identify the documents that they will have to submit for the process.

Task 4 – Be able to prepare a submission for Building Regulation approval (LO4) P7, P8, M3, D2

Your relative has asked you to prepare and submit their application.
a)    Complete a sample application for a full plans building regulation application. Use the sample form that is on the VLE. You should include the documentation that you have identified in Task 3.
b)    Describe the procedures that the building control department will follow and explain the options that may result from the application.
c)    Describe the options and consequences that could arise if the building regulations are contravened.
d)    Provide your opinions of the procedures, costs, application of and consequences of the building regulation processes.