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This is a 4th grader project assignement due to unforeseen situation unable to complete project

The project specifications are: A trifold including, Title, G.T Icons, Poject Generalization, a model, a power point presentation (if student like to include one) and a two- full page report.
Project May be the following:
A project on social issues, Bullying.

A research paper along with the project must contain the following:
1. An original Title
2. A goal
3. Description of whatever they selected to do.
4. Process record documentting student learning (this may include an outline, a log, a journal, notes, weekly progress report.
5. Bibliography

NOTE: Trifold ofcourse will be completed by us after the research paper is completed. Also note we are using the www.stopbullying.gov website as the sources and if you want to use another one as well but include them in the bibliography as well as the stopbullying.gov

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