burghers of calais

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The following questions should be taken into consideration when analyzing the work, and they should be used as a guideline when you are writing your paper.

1) Identify the work. Who is the artist? The title? The date? Do you know the medium that was used?

2) If the artist is known, are we aware of anything about the artist’s life or personality that may have effected his/her creation of the work?

3) During what time period and where was the work created? Discuss what was happening in the cultural, political, economic, or social spheres at the time it was produced which may, or may not have effected its production.

4) What is the subject depicted? Is the subject recognizable to you? Do you think it would have been recognizable to the people during the time in which it was created? Are there any symbols apparent? If so, what are they? Are they symbols that are understandable to you, or to the people in the society in which the piece was made?

5) Was the piece widely accepted by critics and the public at large? Was the artist’s work in general perceived favorably, or unfavorably at the time in which it was produced? Why do you think this was the case?

6) How does the piece fit into the history of art? Choose one other painting/sculpture from any time period and compare and contrast them in terms of the time period in which they were painted, the medium, the subject, and the significance they hold in the history of modern art. How are they similar, different, typical, or uncharacteristic of the period(s) in which they were produced?