BUS 4533 International Quality Management System

BUS 4533 International Quality Management System
Assessment 3– Project and Defense
Due Date: Week 13 ( Project due) – Week 14 (defense)
Weight: 20% Group Project – 10% Individual Defense
Relevant LOs : ALL
Assessment Description
This project is a group assessment. Based on the number of students in class your groups can include three or four students. Each group has to select one local company/ organization that you are familiar with (the company itself, or the industry it may belong to).

You are asked to write a report that explains your plan to improve quality in the company/ organization. The plan should include the following information as it applies to the company / organization you have chosen:

Company background
Include a brief description on the company/ organization of your choice and also make sure to include vision and mission statements. List strategic objectives for the company then conduct a SWOT analysis to only list major factors in each category of the analysis.

Rationale for adopting TQM
This section should include how TQM should help the company/organization achieve competitiveness. Core competencies are to be stressed along with competitive strategies. Implementation of ISO 9000 should be discussed in relation to TQM.

Requirements for improving Quality
This section should include the following information as they are required for implementing and improving quality:

– The relationship between strategic management and TQM.
– Mechanisms developed by the company that focus on their adoption of one or different philosophies and their impact on their success.
– Leadership factors that are critical for success of quality program in the company.
– A description of the culture adopted by the company and its appropriateness to the quality system.
– Policies adopted by the company in order to operate ethically, the role of managers in that respect, and relevance of ethics to quality management.
– Policies adopted by the company in order to achieve a motivated workforce and to find its employees’ needs.
– Mechanisms adopted by the company to detect customers’ changing needs on a continuous basis.
– Mechanisms adopted by the company to build partnerships in order to continuously improve quality.
– The relationship between ISO 9000 and TQM and their benefits.

Implementation plan with justification
This section should include a plan to improve quality. As the company/organization has already implemented some level of quality, the description of the existing quality processes should be included in addition to the plan for improvement..

The report should be between 4000-5000 words and in APA format.
The oral defence is to be done individually and is worth 10%.