business administration for change and crisis management module

business administration for change and crisis management module
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this is two assignments, Task1 2500-2900 word , while task 2 850 word (learning set ). i will upload each instructions
please this assignment require communications with the customer before writing the two Tasks

In details

Dear writer

Task 1 Instructions :- (My topic was corporate image for my company )
Instructions :-
1- 2500-2900 words count
2- 15 sources
3- check the example uploaded of how CAL is written and make same organisation of introduction…..conclusion .. .
4- check previous week1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8….
5- Read week 4 & 5 assignment because you need to build up Final report on previous assignments as it describe my workbased place problem in details and how my classmates were involved in the process providing me with help and critiques .
6- avoid descriptive and use originality of thought or approach, comprehensive coverage of topic; valuable sources used for research;

my tutor told me to revise my paper and focus on these point

1. Use the feedback to give credit to you class mate responses which helped you .
2. explain deep understanding of material and not just superficial ;
3. evidence of relevant outside reading/research;
4. use originality of thought or approach.
5. use of effective logical thinking,
6. use critical analysis and judgement more .
7. make it more Suitable focused; well written and directed.
8. Meets all requirements about the workbased place and your problematising write up.
please check the feedback for


Task 2 Instructions
It is Learning Set (Week10):
1- 750-850 word count
2- Make introduction, headings and subheadings and…………..conclusions.
3- Check the instructions and each point of it.
4- Make sure 12-16 sources which are reliable or related to the topic.
5- Check if this task depends on previous week to build on ,eg workbased place problem……etc. Corporate image ( i work as manager in construction company in dubai please read details from previous assignments )
6- Check files uploaded and syllabus if required in the sources list available.
7-Please read some background and connect it directly or indirectly if required to this assignment in learning set as it require the previous tasks.
Task 1 assignments
The CAL Final Report is a 2,500-word document (beyond the literature review and problematising write-up) that details how you approached identifying, reflecting upon and planning to solve your identified workplace-based problem; addressed issues encountered during the problem-solving process; and outcomes from the process. Additionally, the report should detail how you have applied the learning in this module and have integrated your understanding of leadership and community into your organisational practice and the problematising process.
As such, the final report:
1. May be written in first or third person.
2. Provides a narrative account of the iterative process of engaging with leadership and community to achieve enhanced understanding and potential resolution of your workplace-based problem;
3. Identifies the steps taken to identify, reflect upon and address the problem;
4. Indicates how the literature informed the process;
5. Indicates how dialogue and activities in the Learning Set informed the process;
6. Provides conclusions drawn from the process and module experience;
7. Addresses a plan for action and for being a change agent in your professional practice.
8. Please use your previous classmates critiques to explain how they help you in writing your thesis and how this help you in identifying your workbased problem .
You can draw from all work to date including the Problematising Write-up and Critical Literature Review

Learning set
Your Learning Set in this final week should be spent on a feedback exchange regarding the preparation of your CAL Final Report. You should share any sections of the report that are proving intractable, and read and provide feedback on sections of each others’ papers.

• It is 750-900 words
• Sources 17
• Build on previous week assignments and classmates responses, I will upload the required file from previous assignments
Please be sure to engage with and support your colleagues with their Final Reports.