Business Analysis

 PART 1: Label each part you write the same as here: 1.a., 1.b, etc.:
1.a. Pick a SUBJECT you are interested in, that involves business in some
way. Tell me what it is. Examples: a favorite sport, makeup (cosmetics),
smartphones, online gaming.
1.b. Pick a BUSINESS FIRM (company) involved with that. Tell me what it is.
Examples: Dallas Cowboys football team, L’Oreal cosmetics, Apple, Walmart.
1.c. About this company, find at least 2 ARTICLES (online or printed) FROM
THE LAST 2 MONTHS that show some important news about it. Name these articles
to me by title and source (including any web links). Then, in your own words
(as much as you can), answer these (labeled like this, in this order):
(a) What kind of ORGANIZATION is your firm? A corporation or LLC? Are its
operations international, or mainly in one country? You probably have to go
outside your recent articles to get this info.