Business and Economics powerpoint presentation

This order includes 2 different powerpoint presentations (economics and business with a total word count of 1100-1300)

Business presentation:

Topic: A business plan of a Night Club in England, in a small town with high student population.

Presentation word count can be within the limit of 600-650 words without the title slide, the outline slide and bibliography slide(if necessary).

Total of 10 slides: 1 title slide, 1 outline of the presentation slide, 1 bibliography slide if necessary and 7-8 information slides.

*This is a fictional new start-up business so all the aspects of a business plan should be covered in the presentation. It does not have to be a very professional plan but all the elements of a business plan should at least be covered briefly.

*There is no other night club in this small town in England with high student population (total of 5,000-10,000 population)

*Length of the presentation should be suitable for a 5-7 minutes presenting time (should not be too short or too long)