Business and Employment Law

Order Description

Francis manages a professional theatre group. He is staging a performance of the life of Martin Luther King and has placed an advertisement in a theatrical trade newspaper asking for applications for the lead role from “black actors only”. He also advertises for “powerful, hard-working stage-hands required to lift heavy scenery”.
Alistair is a white actor with over 15 years of acting experience. He sees the advertisement asking for an actor to play Martin Luther King and attends the casting interview. Francis refuses to watch him act and asks him to leave, saying “didn’t you read the advert?” Alistair claims that he has been discriminated against because he is white.
Chris sees the advertisement for stagehands. He is disabled because he has had a bad back for several years, but is he able to lift and carry light loads. He attends for interview and Francis tells him that he’s sorry but he cannot make any special arrangements for disabled workers.
Advise Alistair and Chris of any potential claims that they may have at the Employment Tribunal.
Would Francis have any defence to any claims made?
Answer the questions using IRAC method and using relevant uk case laws throughout.