Business and Technology

Discuss three ways that 18th-century class/societal stereotypes evolved into current management and leadership practices
Discuss the rise of the American labor movement and identify three roles of state and federal governments in labor conflicts
Identify three changes that occurred during the Great Depression in regards to the role and function of the government in today’s economy and corporate world
Define Progressivism in the United States, and identify five ways it has impacted today’s economy and workplaces
Identify three ways technology, labor laws, and politics have shaped corporate America
Discuss manufacturing and working conditions in factories in the United States during the Industrial Revolution and explain five ways industrialization affected American jobs and careers
Identify five ways transportation and communication inventions during the Industrial Revolution impact the American workplace
Career Relevancy
HIS220_Q2.jpgThe U.S. has always had a debate about what kind of labor is appropriate, and how much interference the government should have in business and the labor force. Today, this takes the form of government regulation in the workplace; minimum wage laws, child labor laws, and worker’s compensation are all pieces to this puzzle. The government also controls discrimination issues, so now we see, more than ever, the equality and diversity in the workplace and current management.

The Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted for approximately 10 years. It was the worst depression experienced by the Western world, but it did bring about great changes in industry and economics. People were greatly affected not only economically but socially and psychologically as well.

These debates began as part of the Industrial Revolution, and the advent of factories and manufacturing in the early 19th century. As America expanded, the problems that developed from the first factories and manufacturing models lead to a new understanding of labor and economics, laying the groundwork for the unions and Progressive movements of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The impact of these movements is felt throughout our society and corporate America today. We can also witness great strides and advances in technology, labor laws, and politics. From what began during America’s labor movement to the Progressive movement we see the country becoming closer because of communication and transportation advances. The use of internet connects us with people all over the world.