Business Case Study

Select Woolworth limited as the company but Aldi or Coles (wesfarmers) as a possible alternative The business case study is to be submitted in report format, with a focus on an organisation’s performance management processes (or parts thereof). You are to research, analyse and evaluate a particular performance management process currently used by an organisation to target an identifiable position, team or department of employees. You will need to select an organisation which you have had experience of, or to which you can gain access. The organisational information used should involve only information that is publicly available, and not subject to privacy and/or confidentiality. The report should evaluate the outcomes of the performance management process in the selected organisation in terms of meeting best practice and alignment with the organisation’s objectives. The evaluation should also consider recommendations for improvement. Responses to this case study assignment need to demonstrate scholarly research and be evidence-based. Citations to theory and research findings in the literature are necessary. Your responses may include elements based on your own personal experiences or anecdotes, but these are not to be solely relied upon. The business case study will be evaluated on the following criteria: ? Clarity of description of the performance management system, as well as its link to individual and organisational outcomes ? Evidence of learning and understanding about the complexities of business and how performance management systems apply to the organisation(s) studied, including quality of recommendations ?

Select Woolworths limited (woolworths group), an australian retail organization as the company but Aldi or Coles (wesfarmers) as a possible alternative pending on the available literature.