Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR)-Business customs and practice (Turkey)

Turkey is a possible new market for a new video game system, the M-Box by MES-Sim Corporation, research and analyze the country. Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR) In the BEAR analyze the business environment in the market. Student should remember that this is about developing a market in the selected country, not going there to have fun as a tourist. Therefore, your work should not include data which is not directly relevant to the goal of deciding whether the market should be developed or not. Data that would be relevant could include, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following items: o Business customs and practice — Student will need to describe and discuss the business customs and practices that exist there. The following questions are typically important in such a discussion – What role do ethics, corruption, and respect of law play? How are environmental concerns and human rights issues addressed? Resources and References In addition to the main resource which is your text book (course material) mentioned below, include other online resources you are going to research mentioned above. Total resources should be 5-8.
Wild, J. J., & Wild, K.L. (2015). International business: The challenges of globalization (8th ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Pearson Education.