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business essay
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Assignment 2
Assignment 2 in Business Research Methods provides you with an opportunity to
undertake a detailed investigation into work relating to a specific local, regional or
national context, business theory, concepts and principles. You would be reviewing how
these can be applied in the business world.
Factors to consider
Your research must include a real business (in order to be able to find and collect data).
The approach to all aspects of Assignment 2 must be directly related to the research
topic you have chosen. For example, in questionnaires or interviews the research
carried out must relate to the question. You must use selected analytical tools and/or
statistical tools in your discussion. This might include conventional accounting forms,
breakeven charts, financial performance ratios, statistical presentations, structured and
titled tables, charts and diagrams.
Your research as it was mentioned above must be specifically related to
an existing business.
1. What motivates employees? Can Herzberg’s motivation theory help explain
the improvement in productivity at ABC Ltd?
2. ABC Ltd: The relationship between motivation and quality.
3. New product development at XYZ Ltd.
4. To what extent has the introduction of ‘Total Quality Management’ improved
quality at ABC Ltd?
5. How effective has the joint venture between DEF Ltd and ABC Ltd (two companies in
the city/area you live) been as a growth strategy?
Assessment 2: Individual Report
You are required to write an individual research report on your research project as a follow up your
presentation. It is standard business practice for researchers / consultants to present their research findings
to the client, followed by the submission of a detailed report.
1. This is an individual report based on the research project you presented in your presentation. This
report will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the key issues, the research process,
your findings, conclusions and recommendations
2. This is an Individual submission and should not be plagiarized. While you draw on the same
literature and process, the only elements of your report that should be ‘similar’ would be your brief
statement of the research objectives, and any statistical data, diagrams and / or tables used in your
3. Your report should be written in a professional manner, from researcher / consultant to client. The
key sections in the report should be:
a) Introduction: this should include:
I. a statement of the problem
II. the aim and objectives of your research project
III. a rationale for this study
b) Literature Review: The topic chosen should be placed in a pertinent theoretical context. You may
also include information on the industry / company from other appropriate sources.
c) Research Methods: This should relate to
I. What you want to find out – your research questions
II. the methods chosen for primary data collection
d) Findings: Presenting the primary research findings in a clear
and focused manner.
e) Discussion and Analysis: This section allows you to discuss and analyse your primary findings in
relation to what you found in the literature review.
f) Conclusions: These should relate to the aim and objectives set out in the introduction.
g) Recommendations: in two areas resulting from the conclusions
I. directed at the organization
II. areas for future research.
i) Reflection: You should briefly reflect your experience of the role of researcher
4. Your report should:
a) Identify your student number in the document
b) Be your own independent work and free from plagiarism, correctly referenced.
c) Use Harvard citation and referencing
d) Be written in an appropriate style
e) Be word processed, in black text using 1.5 spacing and Font: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roma
f) Font size 12
g) Have been spell checked and proof-read