Business Ethics – Gates foundation: ‘new’ philanthropy leverage on society

Topic: Business Ethics – Gates foundation: ‘new’ philanthropy leverage on society

Order Description
an argumentative essay- debate but not looking for solution or recommendations ( not black and white, a moral dilemma cannot be solved)

Must use the provided relevant reading materials for theory application, all materials must be academic journal articles. Good secondary resources should be used e.g. reports from relevant foundations and creditable newspapers.

MUST Use MMU Harvard referencing style – guideline provided in handbook

Follow the unit’s marking scheme and handbook guideline for the essay’s content and structure.

Must be able to pass through turn it in.

The essay addresses the principle of private foundations mainly focusing on bill gates foundation others can be used. The moral of a profit earning charity, the ethical issues of leverage power in developing countries. Issues involving tax evasion. The debate between stakeholder and shareholder theories in relation to venture philanthropist. The dangers of forcing ‘westernisation’ in developing countries. ETC.. Using the theories and reading provided to address the moral and business ethical issues of a private foundation both negatively and positively, backed up by researching on secondary resources.