Business intelligence

Task 2 (Worth 30 marks)
Research the relevant literature on how big data analytics capability can be incorporated into a data warehouse architecture. Note Chapter 2 Data Warehousing and Chapter 6 Big Data and Analytics of
Sharda et al. 2014 Textbook will be particularly useful for answering some aspects of Task 2.

Task 2.1 Provide a high level data warehouse architecture design for a large stated owned water utility that incorporates big data capture, processing, storage and presentation in a diagram called
Figure 1.1 Big Data Analytics and Data Warehouse Combined.

Task 2.2 Describe and justify the main components of your proposed high level data warehouse architecture design with big data capability incorporated presented in Figure 1.1 with appropriate in-
text referencing support (about 600 words).

Task 2.3 Identify and discuss the key security privacy and ethical concerns for organisations within a specific industry that are already using a big data analytics and algorithmic approach to
decision making with appropriate in-text referencing support (about 600 words).