Business Letter

Business Letter

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This letter is for my business communication class. Since this is a letter, no sources/reference needed.

1.Create a document and write a business letter – (the body must be no more than 250 words one (1) page maximum) – to me using the direct organizational strategy in which you incorporate the following elements.

2.Components of formal business letter: Personal letterhead that includes: dateline, your address, plus correct salutation, the letter body (proper paragraphs), complimentary close, and signature block. Complete, short and concise sentences are your goal with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and paragraphing. You may use headings, bullet points, etc. to offer short lists if appropriate. Be sure you revise and edit this letter.

3.Discussion of your growth as a business communicator: The main focus is to tell the story of your learning experience in business communications and how this course may affect your professional life as your career advances. Include specifics about how your writing and presentation skills have evolved over the course. You may want to address your growth from an academic writer to a more professional writer. If appropriate, you may want to discuss how this course has influenced your professional writing and presentation skills.

4.Evaluation of your performance: What did you do well? What could you have improved? How will this course content follow you as your career advances?

5.Assessment of your group project and/or group exercises in class: What did you learn about working collaboratively? Be specific. Finally, objectively evaluate your own participation in the project.