business management

business management

Your final project is a 10-12 page paper that addresses a Quality Management subject which has been approved by your instructor.

Although you have probably already written these kinds of projects for other courses, let me take a little time here to explain the project more fully. Quality Management is a huge subject area that covers a multitude of subject matter areas.  The subject for your project is intentionally broad, although it must in general deal with quality management. You may elect to write about the history of quality management, Six Sigma, quality management in your place of work, or you may even elect to critique certain aspects of the quality management process. To become more familiar with QM, take some time and review the web sites and materials presented in the course.

Submit the tentative topic you have selected to write about by the end of Unit 2.

Your final project should be completed in APA format and will be graded on the following areas:

1.     Content: Relevant and appropriate

2.     Organization: Logical and well-ordered organization from beginning to end

3.     References: Credible and verifiable using the reference section of the paper

4.     APA format: In text citations, reference section, and body of the paper are completed in APA format

As a minimum, it should include the following sections:

1.     Title Page: APA format

2.     Table of contents: Organization of the paper listed by page numbers

3.     Introduction: Introduce the subject and the thesis, argument, proposal or proposition that you intend to discuss/research

4.     Content: Organized in paragraphs using headings to delineate sections. This part of the paper contains the “meat” of your work. If you have proposed an argument or a proposition, then this section serves to substantiate or buttress that argument; it presents the content that you have used to make and support your arguments. Remember, in academic writing no one is really concerned with your personal viewpoints or opinions. If you are supporting a proposition or a certain perspective, you are expected to do that with research that is then presented in support of your position. Therein lay the reasons for proper in-text citations; these are used to give credit to whatever work you have used to support your position.

5.     Conclusion: Wrap up the paper with a conclusion that answers the question, “so what?” If the reader finishes reading your paper and has not learned anything or does not feel intellectually better off for the experience, perhaps you have not accomplished your purpose.