Business Management Critical Thinking – Solving a Business Problem

Business Management Critical Thinking Assignment 3.1: Solving a Business Problem Complete this assignment to show your application of problem–solving and critical thinking skills. Using the Internet, research a case outlining a business problem, and then write a 400–word paper that describes the problem, identifies alternative solutions, includes an evaluation of the alternatives and the final proposed solution. Deliverable • 400–word paper Activity Details To complete the assignment, follow these steps: Step 1: Research. Using the Internet, locate a case identifying a business problem. Step 2: Write a paper. Write a 400–word paper with the following components: • Identify a precisely worded problem you want to solve. • Based on the topics in this lesson what ideas do you have for resolving this problem? Identify at least four or five alternative solutions. • Evaluate your set of alternatives on the basis of these criteria: o Will this alternative solve the problem you defined? o Is this alternative realistic in terms of being cost effective? o Can this solution be implemented in a short time frame? Use these writing guidelines: • Include a cover page and references in addition to your required word count. • Use correct APA format. • Double–space text. • Use 12–pt. Times New Roman font. • Indent paragraphs. • Include in–text citations as appropriate. • Use correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure and verb tense. • Optional: Use section headings to organize.