Business Memo

Jay is a small business owner. He has been profitable lately but he recently met with a marketing executive from HOOTSUITE who informed him that he could have approximately 50% more in revenue if he changed his businesses marketing approach. Jay and his family own a small Italian restaurant. They have space in the back of the restaurant to host parties for up to 50 people. In addition, they just built a new kitchen in the back where children could attend pizza making classes.
Many people comment on how beautiful his servings look. Many of his customers are on social media and have encourage him to use this as his marketing tool. Jay does not understand social media.
Please write a BUSINESS MEMO TO JAY. You should answer the following questions

1. Why is social media marketing important for a small business? 2. What considerations should Jay be aware of when thinking about being in an online community? 3. What issues are important for him to consider? 4. If he only had time for two social media platforms, which ones do you recommend and why? 5. What benefits would Jay’s business get from this type of marketing strategy?