Business Memorandum

Business Memorandum

1. In the past your office has always sponsored an Valentine party at a nice restaurant. As your company has undergone considerable downsizing and budget cuts during the past year, you know that money is not available for such entertaining. Moreover, as the staff becomes more diverse, you decide that it might be better to celebrate a “Winter Party” instead of a Valentine party.

2. As Executive Vice President, respond to the memo request of Janice Montgomery, office manager. Janice asks permission to make restaurant reservations for this year’s Valentine party. Write a well organized memo refusing Janice’s request, but offer some alternatives. How about a potluck dinner etc?
This is a one-page, single-spaced memo. Use at least a 12-point font.

Business Memorandum Assignment Guidelines
1. Present your reason for writing upfront

• Write an informative subject line that captures the essence of your message.
• State the informative subject line as your descriptive title.
• List and explain the alternatives you are suggesting
2. Preview the Key points

• Highlight the key points by providing a sneak peak of each, listing them in order of importance before expanding
4. Summarize
• Conclude your business memorandum by restating some of the key points, and using a feedback protocol.