Business organization



Explain, giving appropriate examples, the range of business organisations within different sectors of industry.Prepare a PowerPoint presentation discussing the different types of business organisations within different sectors in industry. Pupils need to identify the different sectors of industry such as
public and private and apply businesses to these examples in detail.
2.1Analyse the purpose and activities of 5 main functions of a business organisation.Write a report on the different functions in a business organisation. Pupils need to select 5 main functions from the following areas: Human resources, Finance, Marketing, Operations management,
Customer service, Research and development.
Select one business organisation below on which you will do this for.• Apple • Dixon Carphone • Tesco • Cancer Research• ASDA
3.1. Analyse the structure of a business organisation.To write a report on the different structures of a business organisation. Pupils must continue with a business they have selected from 2.1 and identify the organisations structure. Pupils need to
look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different organisation structure.


Compare and contrast the organisational structure of 2 different business organisationsTo create an academic table with two columns explaining the different business organisations and the different structures that they have. Pupils must make a judgement and analyse the organisation
structures in detail and outline the similarities and differences that they have.