Business Plan

Business Plan

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Business Plan (1,000 words)

In order to be successful, a business needs to set clear objectives. This will enable strategies to be developed to respond to the demands of the market in the face of intense competition.

Inspired by the presentation of your business and marketing plans, the investor is keen to assess your individual capabilities in particular, your business acumen and professionalism.

The investor has requested from each group member a report analysing the key points from your business and marketing plans, listed below:

1. List your business objectives (3 or 4).
Business Objectives:
1. Satisfy Customers
2. Foster Strong Culture
3. Build Unique Products

2. The role that each of you will play in the business.
Roles that will play in the business:
1. Ghada is the General Manager
2. Maryam is the Financial Manager
3. Manfred is the Marketing Manager
4. Sara is the Operation Manager
5. Joao is the Customer Service Manager

3. The legal structure with justification for your selection.
Legal Structure:

4. The source(s) of finance (this is a resource) available to you, justify and substantiate your choice.
Sources of Finance:
• Personal sources
• Retained profits
• Friends and families

5. The resources required (e.g. labour, raw materials, space, equipment and information) to operate the business, with justification.
The resources required to operate the business:
• Chair (Quantity 3)
• Table (Quantity 5)
• Computer (Quantity 1)
• Printer (Quantity 1)
• Telephone (Quantity 1)
• Cash Register (Quantity 1)