Business plan for a Food delivery services company, ”FF Transporte”.

The ”FF Transporte” is a made up company name, so conduct a business plan for a Food delivery services company, which is named ”FF Transporte”. Marking criteria; 1. Presentation of report: 15% All relevant sections clearly used and in a logical order. Formatted appropriately using headings and subheadings. Used appropriate academic language and key terms. Appropriate use of the Harvard Referencing System. 2. Content of the report: 30% Is there a clear, well-structured introduction to the report?. Incorporated only relevant information to the chosen business idea. Has the assignment plan been included in the appendix? 3. Critical analysis and academic supporting evidence: 35% Has critical analysis been used throughout the report?. Has a suitable range of appropriate supporting academic evidence been used and engaged with? 4. Summary and Recommendations: 20% Has a clear summary of the information and findings been presented? Have recommendations been provided?. Has a brief rationale for the recommendations been provided?