Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Development

1.Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Development

You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on business unit performance and current market conditions.
The case study will also include information regarding the organisation’s current capacity to respond effectively to change.
You must then prepare a Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Report slide presentation using the following headings:
A. Business Portfolio Analysis
Plot each business unit on a BCG matrix, GE-McKinsey matrix, and Synergy matrix
B. Business Portfolio Recommendations
Provide recommendations to the organisation for the strategic management of each business unit with explanations for each recommendation
C. Dynamic Capability Analysis
Prepare an assessment of the organisation’s dynamic capability including its capacity to:
1. Identify and assess opportunities
2. Mobiliseresources
3. Transform and reconfigure strategic assets
D. Dynamic Capability Recommendations
Provide recommendations to the organisation for enhancing overall dynamic capability with explanations for each recommendation

2.Quantitative techniques in buisness

Explain and distinguish between probability sampling and non-probability sampling techniques, illustrating your answer with their advantages, disadvantages and examples

3. Pertinent ETHICAL issues

a. Describe a case that raises pertinent ETHICAL issues. Include all information about the case relevant to an ethical analysis. the case must raise a substantive ethical issue. That usually means that it is not initially clear which course of action is morally best. b. Develop an Ethical Analysis of the case: i. What courses of action are available? (What are the options?) iia. What are the relevant models, values, principles, guiding ideas and weighing factors? You should explicitly discuss several ethical factors, discussed in class and/or the readings, that apply to your case, such as the principle of universality, the Golden Rule, the autonomy model of medicine (if your case is about a patient/medical provider interaction), etc. How many factors are relevant depends on your case. iib. How do these considerations apply to your case? iii. Give reasons for thinking some of these factors are more central or relevant than others. iv. On the basis of that analysis, which is the best course of action? v. What needs to be monitored after the decision is made?