Business Proposal

You are a member of a training company specializing in the development and delivery of corporate communication trainings. Choose one of the topics listed on p. 4 in the case study document ‘Changing the Communication Culture at Opal-Mart’. Then, respond to the Opal-Mart brief by developing a proposal for the delivery of a communication training that is tailored to the needs of the company and target audience. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • A one-page summary of the proposal fulfilling the following aims: ð Offers a ‘hook’ – i.e. what motivates the proposal? (Why should the company representatives read this?) ð Provides a brief overview of the proposed solution (communication training) ð Establishes the credibility of your training service (Why should they trust you?) BODY • Background, scope and purpose ð What is the rationale for conducting a communication training? (What strategic and/or operational issue(s) do you propose to address?) ð What is the scope of the training? (What target audiences and/or areas of the organisation will be involved?) ð What is the purpose of the communication training? (What aims will the communication training have?) • Training Plan (Value Proposition) ð This is the core of your proposal. The aim of this section is to illustrate to your (potential future) clients what the communication training will look like and what outcomes it is proposed to achieve. This involves: (1) Explaining the training ‘philosophy’ of your company (how will you help your clients learn?) (2) Offering an overview of the contents, timeframe, and delivery mode (3) Highlighting the specific benefits your proposed training will have for the respective target audience and the company as a whole