Business strategy

Identify the following for a fictitious company you are starting (or growing): Prepare a 4 page APA formatted paper: that cover CLO 1-3
• What business strategy will you select and how will you implement it (be specific)
• What will be your vision and mission statements and what factors did you consider
• Conduct a SWOT analysis (theoretical) of your company and determine which of the generic competitive strategies(s) (could be a mix of strategies) you would compete on. Be sure to justify your reasoning here.
Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

  1. Describe all facets of a sound business strategy and the reasoning behind strategy implementation and execution. Explain the four strategic approaches for setting a company apart and decide what how each strategy can gain a sustainable competitive advantage
  2. Describe how a clear strategic vision and initiatives can help a company achieve performance targets in the US and abroad
  3. Evaluate a company’s strategic plan and assess a company’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to market opportunities and external threats. Examine how a diverse perspective and contribute to the decision-making process.