Business Strategy and Policy

Business Strategy and Policy
Assignment #2
Research your company and its industry and perform a Porter Five Forces analysis. For this assignment you should acquire a minimum of five separate pieces of research material, which can include periodical articles, investor analysis, and trend analysis for your company’s industry.

Please use both your book and this article on Blackboard for reference.

A Five Forces chart should begin your analysis to serve as a quick reference point. Beneath each of the forces, you should provide a brief one or two word description of what you will present on the pages following (see example below).

Each of the Five Forces; namely, Barriers to Entry, Rivalry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power, and Threat of Substitutes, should then be discussed beneath their own headings in your paper using as much space as you deem necessary to complete your analysis. Also, please conclude your paper with a brief (1-4 paragraphs are probably good) summary of the key competitive forces that are facing your company.

12pt. Font
Double spaced
3-6 pages (excluding chart)
Due: Tuesday, October 27 (two weeks), In class and uploaded to Blackboard

*All papers MUST be fully cited using MLA format
*Papers are due both in class, hard copy and stapled and online via Blackboard in the space provided