Bussiness management


As most of you are aware, when President Obama assumed office the country was in an economic crisis. Decisive action had to be taken in order to prevent an economic melt-down (recession, depression?). As a result, the U.S. economic stimulus and bailout was initiated. The abovementioned breakdown represents a 2 Trillion Dollar cost for the U.S. economic stimulus and bailout alone! Not to mention that this was just a short-term fix (hopefully, to stabilize the failing economy). This money is claims on future tax-payers…you and your children! Considering the country’s current situation, did this effort make a difference? Is the President’s plan working? What is your opinion on this matter? In your discussions, please consider the following:

  1. Economic Impact
  2. Your individual rights and the rights of U.S. citizens in general
  3. Employment Impact
  4. The Recession
  5. Consumer Rights
  6. The Politics Involved
  7. Global Impact
  8. Personal Experiences
  9. Solutions
  10. What’s The Future?
  11. Capitalism: Is it working?