Calculating (NPV)

Calculating (NPV) net present value, it would be preferred if you are going to use chemical engineering design project book.
Consider the market for selling the product (erucamide) as powder. And how it will be sold (the strategy for selling the product)
Consider every single part that need to be calculated CAPEX and OPEX by using the last version of estimation and whatever under the economic process.
Importantly can you please provide the excel sheet for the whole calculations

  • The words count should be maximum 5000 words: 3000 words on the unit operation design and 2000 words on the area of responsibility (APR).
  • Provide a section for the unit operation HAZOP [hazards operability analysis] (safety, pre-cautions, if something went wrong i.e. high or low flow, temperature and pressures what is the consequences. What could be done to prevent any mistake and any action needs to be taken).
  • Include any relative drawings, diagrams or tables.
  • Structure of the report should be as follows:
    Abstract. Doesn’t count to the words count.
    Introduction to the design. Doesn’t count to the words count.
    Design and details about the unit operation (Reactor).
    P&ID include controlling parts and health & safety.
    Area of responsibility (APR).
    Conclusion. Doesn’t count to the words count.
    References, it should be in Harvard system. Doesn’t count to the words count.
    Appendices. Doesn’t count to the words count.