Canadian Health Care

Basic Information

The I-Search paper is a research project, but a research project where you, the writer, get to determine the direction.
In this assignment you will, over the course of a couple of weeks, seek out information about a Canadian topic that intrigues you or that you want to know more about. You will also be asked to write reflectively about the experience.
While nearly anything is open as a possibility, you should try to choose a topic that has adequate resources for you to be able to find enough information with.
Because it is a large assignment, it is broken into parts for you to complete and submit along the way. The process is as important as the final product.
Process marks will be granted for completion of each step, so please pay attention to them.
You cannot submit everything at once and expect credit for the process.
The research paper assignment is a major work in this course. Its completion is compulsory — that is, it must be completed for credit to be granted in this course.