Canadian Maple Syrup

Canadian Maple Syrup
The main point of the project is exporting the Canadian Maple Syrup from the Canadian local market to Saudi Arabia market considering the following instructions :

The group project is expected to be written in a style that is appropriate for a university essay assignment, not more than 10 pages (excluding references, relevant tabulations, appendices etc.), single spaced, font Times New Roman size 12 and it must not consist bullet-point lists. The written report of group project should include five main parts:

(1) Introduction,

(2) Business opportunities of chosen product in the selected market

(3) Challenges to reap advantages from the above mentioned opportunities

(4) Strategies to overcome the above mentioned challenges to reap business opportunities

(5) Conclusion.

In the Introduction section you are expected to explain the purpose and objectives as well as the roadmap (i.e. what are the main points) of the paper. If a position is expected to be taken that should also be included in the introduction section. In the body of the written report you are expected to cover the main points of your discussions (opportunities, challenges and strategies of management process ) in a logical, concise and comprehensive way. In the conclusion section you are expected to summarize the key findings of your analysis. It is expected that you use proper format for quotations and referencing. In addition the written report should be free of errors in spelling and punctuation.
As regards to the referencing and bibliography are concerned Harvard or APA referencing systems are the preferred. The written report should include a concise executive summary and table of contents. Please include reasonable amount of diagrams, and tables (which may also be included in an Appendix

Note: the references (sources) you will be using for this project has to be new and accurate.