Canadian Politics

Select one (1) topic from the six given below.
Topic 1: Electoral Reform
Examine the criticisms being made of Canada’s “first-past-the-post” electoral system. What type of electoral reform is likely to remedy the most serious flaws of Canada’s present system?

Topic 2: Multiculturalism
Has multiculturalism been a wise policy, or has it made the fostering of national identity and the achievement of national unity more difficult?

Topic 3: Women and Politics
Is there a “glass ceiling” on the participation of women in Canadian government and politics? If so, what factors account for the less than equal participation of women and what, if anything, do you think should be done about it?

Topic 4: Aboriginal Self–Determination
Is aboriginal self-determination consistent with (1) the structures and practices of Canadian federalism; and (2) our system of parliamentary government?

Topic 5: Interest Groups and Social Movements
There has been an increase in both interest group activity and “New Social Movements” in recent years. How have political parties been affected by this growth and mobilization of pressure groups and “civil society” organizations?

Topic 6: Voter Participation in Elections
Political scientists have observed a decline in voter turnout in recent federal elections. Do you see this as a problem? If a solution is needed, what institutional reforms would be most effective in bringing more citizens back in to the electoral process?