Objective: Summarize the development of the canon of Scripture.

Instructions. The name of the book is "church history in plain language" By Bruce L.Shelley. 4th edition. you can find the book online, please dont ask me for a copy of the chapter. thanks.Please use quotes from the book and bible.
The challenge of false teachers also impacted the way the second century church defined Scripture. Remember, there was no New Testament as the first century closed. The books of the New Testament had all been written and many were considered authoritative, but the books we know as the New Testament were not the only books written during this period. Many other books and letters were written, some good and some bad. The presence of false teachers caused the church to clarify which books should be considered authoritative for faith and practice. This is the process of defining the canon of Scripture.

 Read Chapter 6 in the Shelly text. Pay close attention to the pressures the church faced as well as the process of development that the canon followed.

 Prepare to discuss the formation of the canon of Scripture. Address the following points:

o Explain how Marcion’s challenge helped the church develop the canon.
o Identify how the teachings of Montanus clarified the need for a canon.
o Discuss what you found interesting in the reading.