Order Description


o Research a capital purchase for a hospital laboratory instrument costing more than $5,000, that your company could benefit from.

o Identify the management goals that expenditure would support. Management goals might include revenue, improvement, productivity, quality
assurance, employee development, or management services consultant packages.

o Explain how the item could enhance the economic environment of the organization.

o Identify the organizational goals the expenditure would support. Goals might include patient care, medical and allied health education,
community service, cost containment, leadership role, and clinical research.

o Explain how the expenditure would relate to the needs of the organization. Explain how it would be beneficial to the organization.

o Justify the expense to the organization. Relate the reasons to the hospital goals, including departmental and management goals, and how
the acquisition might be beneficial.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use headings appropriately to provide organization and structure for your thoughts.

**Note from the teacher: For the Capital Projects you are essentially doing a simplified Certificate of Need (CON) application. Here are a
few samples of actual CON applications for you to review. Your projects will not be this long or complex, but I want you to understand why
you are assigned these particular assignments.