Capstone day 4


While you greet Ms. Concepcion, you bring her coffee and your tea to her office. Ms. Concepcion reimburses you for the coffee and tea. You have your daily morning session with Ms. Concepcion to go over the comments and suggestions that Ms. Concepcion has about your work. Overall, Ms. Concepcion states that she is pleased with your performance.

As you go over, Ms. Concepcion’s calendar and tasks for the day, you remind her that you have an 11 a.m. meeting with Ms. G in the Office of the President to make arrangements for the proposed 12/6 semester. After the meeting with Ms. G, you have a meeting with Mr. O to discuss the calendar for the Center for Teaching and Learning. You have already posted the meeting days and times on Ms. Concepcion’s Outlook calendar.

Before you leave Ms. Concepcion’s office, she asks you to meet with Professor G.S, director of the Women’s and Gender Committee, for you to serve as liaison to the committee. Ms. Concepcion has already notified Professor S who is looking forward to working with you. You indicate on your to do list that you need to send Professor S an e-mail requesting a meeting with her.

When you return to your desk after the two meetings and right before you go to lunch, you read your e-mails and see that Ms. Concepcion has asked you to schedule and arrange a meeting with the members of the Scholarship and Awards Committee of the College Senate. Ms. Concepcion has provided you with the names of the members of the committee. In the e-mail, Ms. Concepcion suggests that you meet with the chair of the committee, Professor Dith Pran, to outline the agenda for the meeting. The details of the proposed meeting are attached to the assignment.


In a Word document, type the assignments in the order that they should be addressed. State the reason for your choice.
In the same Word document and on a new page, type the questions you have for Professor D.P on the meeting with the Scholarship and Awards Committee.
In a Word document, explain the preliminary logistics for the meeting that you will present to Ms. Concepcion.
Send an e-mail to Professor Steinem asking her to respond to you with the days and times that she is free to meet with you in the Office of Academic Affairs.
Save the document as MEETINGS

You realize that you have had quite a busy fourth day. In a new Word document, type your reflection on the skills that you have used in the office, the assignment(s) that was(were) the most difficult and the reason for the difficulty, and the activities that you look forward to undertaking on Friday that you enjoy and the reason you enjoyed them.

Format the reflection in

Arial font and 12 font size.
Double space
One blank line between paragraphs
Indent the first line of each new paragraph