Carbon dioxide effects in global warming

Carbon dioxide effects in global warming

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Carbon dioxide capture and storage is under consideration today for lessening the effects of global warming and climate change traceable to fossil fuels. One

frequently-used carbon sequestration approach is to inject CO2 to an underground geological formation. Critically evaluate this approach for large-scale management of

CO2 generated by human activity, including the current status in USA, the technical aspects and the related costs, as well as the impact on the environment and

ecology. Formulate a position in favor of, or in opposition to, the deployment of such technology. In your opinion, please select an alternative option from the carbon

capture/conversion technologies that currently exist or will be developed; and justify your selection. Write a report on this issue. The report should cite at least

three references, must be typed in single space, times new roman font, 12 point, no shorter than one page.