Cardiovascular System



Cardiovascular System – Provider Worksheet
Imagine you are an office manager at a health care facility that includes the following departments: cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology, and urology. As the
office manager, you have been asked to complete a questionnaire that will be distributed to new and existing patients. The questionnaire will inform patients about the
services your facility offers for different body systems, including their structure, function, and different diseases that affect that system. Patients will learn how
a disease is diagnosed in a particular system and the type of doctor they will need to see if they have an ailment within a specific body system.
Each week, you will complete the Worksheet, answering the questions pertaining to the body system we are learning about during that particular week.  The schedule is
as follows:
Week 2 Topic: Cardiovascular SystemWeek 3 Topic: Respiratory SystemWeek 4 Topic: Gastrointestinal SystemWeek 5 Topic: Urinary System Complete the attached Provider Worksheet to explain the services your facility offers pertaining to the Cardiovascular System.
Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references that are not the text. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the
Reference and Citation Generator and Plagiarism Checker resources in the Center for Writing Excellence.
Remember, spelling, sentence structure and grammar is important.
Question AnswerIdentify the major structures found in the system. Define the function of this system. Identify and describe two major diseases that affect the system. Using the diseases discussed in the previous prompt, identify the most common laboratory and diagnostic test used to assess the disease (be specific).  Describe the
tests identified. Identify the main health care providers in this department. Where do these providers typically practice (in ambulatory care clinics, physician offices, hospitals, long-term care setting, etc). What patient demographic is typically negatively impacted by this body system?
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