Care clinic improvement project


Will attach 2 example,it is the same scenario on client satisfaction in a care clinic .The headings should be the same. Everything on the example paper should be the same,rewrite by changing the grammar,change some of the references. Rewrite it so it does not look like the same paper but the concept and scenario should be the same. Scholarly references need to be current, 5-8 years or less (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). Please do not include reference more than 8 years.For example do not use Wood 1998,as used in the sample paper because it is over 8 years.


Description of the Assignment
Care Clinic Scenario: The Executive Team of Care Clinic prides itself in the care that is provided to the community of Summerville, Florida. The Clinic is known for holistic approach to the individuals served at the clinic as well as presenting various community outreach programs. Annually, the Executive Team of Care Clinic reviews the client satisfaction benchmark results related to client service and quality indicators. The scores have substantially decreased in the past 12 months in the categories of client satisfaction and quality care.

To assist in understanding the quality issues related to client care occurring within the Care Clinic, you are provided with two videos of client situations that have been recorded using Second Life. You are also required to enter Second Life to observe actions and conversations occurring within the Care Clinic. When viewing the videos and participating within the Care Clinic located in Second Life, consider yourself to be the manager and identify quality care issues consistent with decreasing client satisfaction scores. From your leadership perspective, determine how the declining benchmarks can be addressed and improved. Discuss the actions/changes that need to be implemented in order to improve the satisfaction scores and attained Care Clinic quality outcomes.

The focus of the assignment is to address decreasing benchmark scores regarding customer service or quality care with the use of leadership strategies and a change model.

The following objectives will need to be addressed:
1. Provide an introductory paragraph and identify the benchmark that will be addressed for this assignment; the importance of this benchmark for the clinic’s stability; and why this benchmark has been selected. Select one benchmark from the following list:
a. Decrease in customer service score related to courtesy and friendliness of staff at Care Agency,
b. Decrease in customer service score related to staff explain my discharge instructions in a way that I understand,
c. Decrease in quality care score linked to the interventions provided at the Clinic.
2. Identify why the low scores have been attained
a. This can be a short paragraph following the introductory paragraph as to your leadership perspective as to why the low score occurred. Use your imagination and a systems approach as to why the low scores have been attained versus a blaming culture. There will be no right or wrong answer—however, it is crucial to identify why the problem has occurred to be able to move forward in addressing the problem area.
3. Describe the leadership dynamics related to how the project will be managed, specifically
incorporating the following strategies:
a. The six values of the system leadership perspective; each value must be described.
b. Strategic leadership foresight, visioning, partnering, and motivating
c. Relationship based care
4. Identify the change model that will be used in addressing the problem area.
a. Describe the elements of the change model.
b. Describe how the change model is applicable for the customer service or quality indicator you have selected to improve for the Clinic’s stability.
c. Describe your role as the leader in supporting the change process.
d. What leadership skills will you utilize to lead the change effort?
5. Describe the course of action/change.
a. Who needs to be involved in creating change: List the key stakeholders that need to be
involved in this change project.
b. Design the steps of the new process that will address the gaps and improve the problem area.
6. Conclusion
a. Highlight the main points of this project—the focus, leadership strategies used to create change, the change model used, and the final action plan.

Use of the following subheadings to organize the content of your paper:
Leadership Dynamics
Change Model
Course of Action
A minimum of 6 (six) scholarly references must be used. Scholarly references need to be
current, 5-8 years or less (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable).