Career development plan and network

Topic: Career development plan and network

Order Description
This should be written in first person

About you and your overall career aim
(Word-count guidance for this section 400 – 500 words)

Why are you undertaking this health and social care degree programme? What is important to you? Describe your career vision/aspirations and the values you have that
underpin your aspirations.
2. My goals

What are your career goals? Identify one short term, one medium term and one long term SMART goal that relate to your career aspirations, (beyond successful completion
of your degree).
Medium term:
Short term:

Briefly outline your rationale as to how these goals will lead you in successfully achieving your goals.

3. SWOT analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
(Word – count guidance for this section 400)
In addition to your listing for each heading of the SWOT analysis, write a short narrative for each area as to how the things you have identified relate to your career

4. Review CV- Gaps, skills and experience needed

5.Your learning needs analysis
What do I need to learn?
(What areas of knowledge, skills and experience do I need to address to achieve the learning outcomes?)
What will I do to achieve this?
(What activities will I undertake to gain this knowledge, skills and experience in my practice base learning or elsewhere?)
What evidence will I provide
to show that I have succeeded?
What is the target date?
Type and overview of network
Rationale for including this network
What’s your involvement?
How will you evaluate the effectiveness of this network?
Your network

Quality of networks
4 different types and details of network (avoid duplications)
Relevant to career aspirations