Caregiver-Infant Language

Examine recasting, echoing, and expanding using naturalistic observation. Go to a
local shopping mall, and observe a caregiver with an infant 18 to 24 months old. Observe them for 15
minutes. Record three instances of speech by the caregiver to the infant, and classify each instance as
recasting, echoing, or expanding. Note the caregiver’s statements and then the infant’s response to each
statement. Then answer the questions that follow.

Speech Response of Infant Age ss Sex_

Statement 1

Statement 2

Statement 3

What types of techniques did the caregiver use with the infant you observed?

How did the infant respond to the statement made by the caregiver?

From your observations, do you think recasting, echoing, and expanding are effective techniques in aiding
infants to learn language? Why or why not?

What variables might have affected the quality of data you collected? Might your conclusions have been
different if you had observed a different caregiver-infant pair? How?