A case analysis consists of the answers to four key questions: What are the biggest problems facing the company? Have they changed since the case was written? How are these problems affecting the company’s performance, and what do you believe the long-term impact of these problems will be if they are left unaddressed? (4 points)Why do you think so? Explain your reasoning in designating the key problems, including any methods of analysis you employed. These can include any method with which you are familiar (including those from other classes or other disciplines) except the SWOT analysis. (4 points)What do you believe the company should do about their problem? What steps or measures would you recommend? Have they taken steps to improve since the case was written? Are those measures working, or can you suggest improvements? (4 points)What do you expect will happen if the company acts on your recommendations? How will your recommendations resolve their problems, and what specifically will they gain by taking your advice?