Case Analysis

Case Analysis
CASE ANALYSIS – this assignment will be due on November 3. Choose a product you love and analyze what the international profile of that product is (countries marketed into, pricing policy, distribution strategy, promotion used) and compare that with the marketing mix in the US. Submit your analysis as a word document (you may attach powerpoint slides if that helps you). This assignment is worth 100 points and should be submitted to Blackboard.
This paper should be written in APA format. If you need to borrow my APA book, please let me know. Or just buy one if you aspire to grad school at any point in your future. You will need it. Grammar counts a does spelling, formatting and content. Content counts most.
Most of your research will probably come from the company’s website. Be sure you cite it properly.
We have covered a great many of the aspects of international marketing. I expect to see reference to the type of international expansion strategy the company is using, any product related changes made, how the company’s product advertising differs – the marketing mix.
You do not have to evaluate every international market. You may note their international marketing strategy and then focus on comparisons between the US and one country and region.
You may find a summary chart to be useful addition to your report.
We aren’t going to do these a second time, so do a good job the first time.