Case analysis

An analysis of quality and quality control solutions. The case analysis should be treated as a problem presented to you by your company’s top management for analysis and decision recommendations. Hence, it should demonstrate the qualities of thorough and relevant research, logically sound analysis, and focused professional writing.
To complete this kind of case your paper should include the following elements:

Executive Summary: This should be prepared as though it were being delivered to a high level executive and have a professional “look”. You should outline the case, the case problem(s) and your recommendations. The executive summary should be concise (approximately one page).

Analysis: In this section, you should discuss each problem for which you are making a recommendation. Your analysis should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and the quality of your research.
Your analysis should demonstrate critical thinking skills, which may involve presenting multiple solutions to the problem, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative solution, and then recommending the strongest alternative.
Your analysis should demonstrate the application of course material.