CASE ANALYSIS and must be focused on the province of Manitoba in Canada. After that use 5 peer review article and 1 new article. THIS case analysis must support indigenous group in Canada don’t compare with another country. This Case analysis must be POLICY and CANADA’S INTERGOVERNMENTAL GOVERNANCE DRIVEN. PLEASE USE CHICAGO AUTHOR-DATE STYLE (IN-TEXT CITATION, NO FOOT-NOTE)

Topic: Indigenous housing strategy in manitoba

  1. Introduction
    Two paragraphs
    • Explain why the topic is important to study (based on evidence), which leads to…
    • Question + structure of the paper
    Research Question:
    • Policy that best improves indigenous housing
    • How to improve indigenous housing
    • Some effect lack of indigenous inclusiveness in housing policy
    • Importance/benefit of First Nations care, control and management of housing

parts (that may be divided into 2-3 subparts if needed)

  1. Background
    • what the problem is; socio-historical overview;
    • Has any change happened in the last few decades?
    • important information about the policy field;
    • who are the stakeholders; relationship between stakeholders,
    • What is the nature of the interest groups involved (for example, pluralistic to the external environment or corporatist)?
    • How has this impacted the governance dynamics?
    • What is the social relevance of the policy field? How has this impacted the governance dynamics?
    • Is there any relationship between the types of policy instruments adopted and the participants’ interests and strategies?
  2. Analysis
    • direct factors and processes that explain the problem;
    • Has the governance arrangement obtained and maintained a political consensus regarding the problem?
    • Has the governance arrangement achieved its declared goals?
    • 3 alternatives that can be considered to solve the problem
  3. Conclusion
    Two paragraphs:
    1) Summary of key findings
    2) Propose the best recommended alternative and justify why you chose it pros and cons