case of Becker v. Pettkus.

Order Description

The textbook required for this class is:
Duplessis et al., Canadian Business and the Law, 6th Edition, 2016 (Nelson Education) available at the Carleton University Bookstore.

This Assignment does not require any reading beyond the course material. Students should carefully read pages 70-88 inclusive of the text book (6th edition) which briefly describe alternative dispute resolution and the litigation process. Attendance at the January 17th lecture is advisable and will help students with their approach to the paper. Students should then review the slides from this lecture. The final preparatory step is to review the book “Swarm Before Me” with the assignment objectives in mind.

Assignment Objectives

Your first objective is to succinctly describe how the litigation process unfolded in the case of Becker v. Pettkus. Your second objective is to describe how the case exposes some of the weaknesses of the litigation process and whether one or more alternative dispute resolution processes may be preferable to resolve business disputes.