Case Study



Read Case 7: Goumet to Go and respond to the following questions:

oWhat is the name of the product and its characteristics?

oWhat is the name of the competitive environment?

OBecause of the newness of the product, the promotion and advertising will be
essential at start-up- Analyze the market strategy in terms of sufficiency for a new

oWhat problems might be anticipated with the product? How could these problems be

oWhat are the strengths and weaknesses of management and the organizational plan?
You analysis of each case study should be a minimum of 4 pages and written in APA
format- You work should be submitted in a Word document, typed in double-space,
in 10- or 12-point Arial orTlmes New Roman font- The page margins on the top,
bottom, left side, and right side should be 1 inch each- You should use the APA
guidelines for writing and citations-