Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis

Your task is to evaluate the opportunity presented in the case through assessing how well it addresses the key questions that have been discussed through the unit to date. Your evaluation will consist of four main parts:
1. Does the case represent a genuine business opportunity for someone?
2. Is it a good opportunity for the team in the case?
3. Overall, is it a high potential opportunity?
4. If it was your business, what would you do differently?

You need only consider the information presented in the case. There is no need to do additional research, however bonus points may be awarded for relevant background information that was available at the time of the case. Do not use the benefit of hindsight!

Analyse the information presented in the case using the tools and techniques covered in classes, together with your common sense and good judgement, to answer the questions. There will always be gaps in the information, so you will have to make some assumptions. State these assumptions and why you think that it is reasonable to make them.

Structure your report as follows:
Is there an opportunity here? [External analysis]
1. What need(s) is the business meeting?
2. What is (are) their target customer(s) and the value proposition?
3. What business are they in?
4. Is their product competitive? (relative to offerings from other companies in the industry)
5. Does the “story” make sense?1 i.e. for every significant stakeholder in the venture, is there a clear benefit?
Conclusion: Is there a genuine business opportunity?

Is it an opportunity for the team in the case? [Internal analysis]
6. Can their business compete against others in the industry?
7. How good is their team?
8. What resources do they need?
9. Can they make money from this business model?
Conclusion: Is the team right for the opportunity (or the opportunity right for the team)

Overall potential
• Using your answers to the questions above, rate the venture using the Timmons Quick Screen (simplified version provided on Blackboard under Resources).
• Identify the strongest and weakest points Conclusion: How high is the potential of this venture? Consider both its potential to make money and the risks involved.

Would you invest in this venture?
Does the reward justify the risk?
If it was your business, what would you do differently? What should the team do next?
• • • Explain your answers

Your case study report should consist of a 1000 to 1200-word summary (3 to 4 pages). Use a readable font and font size (11 point minimum). You may use appendices for additional supporting information, such as analysis of case information using the tools covered in class (PEST, Porter 5 Forces, Buyer Utility Map, Competitor comparison grid, SWOT/TOWS analysis, Timmons Quick Screen etc).

The presentation of your assignment is part of the assessment. Presentation marks are awarded for the visual appearance, logic and flow of your arguments, good spelling and grammar, compliance with word count and submission requirements and correct referencing using the Harvard System.