Case study on a client with a Dementia

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Case study on a client with a Dementia

This case study is based on a client with a Dementia.
You are a Case manager in a busy suburban care provider in Dubbo. Mr. Fred Walsh, a 72-year-old male has been to visit his General Practitioner with his wife to discuss his health. Both Fred and
his wife Mary are concerned about Fred’s deteriorating memory function considering both his parents lived for many years with dementia. Fred has no mental health history nor has he a history of
alcohol or substance abuse.

By his wife’s report, Fred has a history of five years of progressive memory loss, and has had a decline in his ability to perform daily tasks. He is unable to perform complex household tasks,
shopping, or walking in familiar neighborhoods without getting lost.
He still performs his basic activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, dressing, and preparing simple meals.
The Neighborhood around them is very supportive and keep an eye on Fred and will come and ask him to go for a walk to the shops with them.
Fred and Mary have been managing on their own as their only child lives in another state and has two preschool children to look after. Jane manages to visit once a year and they talk every week on
the phone. She has told Mary she is concerned that Fred cannot have a proper conversation with her anymore and how they are going to manage to stay in their own home.
In answering your criteria consider the community care options that are available to assist Fred to stay at home now and also later on as the disease progresses.
Also consider – Fred tells you he wants to die if he has to go into care and he doesn’t want any treatment to keep him alive. What kind of response should you make and what are the legal options
available to Fred.

2. Needs Assessment (Problem Identification)

To effectively address social concerns it is important to accurately assess problems, social issues or concerns to assure that, often limited, resources are utilized effectively and efficiently.
In this paper you are to identify a social issue that is relevant to rural social work and use a variety of professional sources including the catchment group, key informants (community leaders,
service providers) and the larger community to assess the unmet service provision and service access needs related to the issue. You will find some specific information about needs assessments and
a case example in Chapter 11 of Ginsberg.
Ginsberg, L. H. (2011). Social work in rural communities. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education. 5th edition
I want to see you integrate, to the degree that it is relevant to your paper, what you have learned from the course into this paper. You may not be able to respond to each point outlined below;
however, do explain in your paper why not. With this in mind write your magnum opus.
1. Social Concern/Issue/Problem – Identify a local social concern/issue/problem that would be of interest to social workers. Describe the problem in detail and its relevance to the profession of
social work. How is the problem portrayed in the media? Who is at risk? Are there risk factors? What role does oppression play? What role does race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation play? Who
gains by the maintenance of the problem?
2. Research and Data – Provide statistical data to develop an understanding of the problems prevalence in the community and those it affects. You are to locate and present demographic data that
offers a clear understanding of who it affects, where, how often, and if possible a comparison of local prevalence rates with state or national data. How much does it cost the state/local
3. Policy – Discuss how current policy and public opinion has impacted the “problem”. What local, state, or federal policy influences the problem? Discuss any social or political action group(s)
that may support or oppose the problem. Is there a policy statement from NASW, if so offer a brief statement.
4. Current Efforts – Discuss the current efforts, if any, to ameliorate this problem. What are people, groups, or organizations doing to ameliorate the problem? If there are many different methods
pick one or two that are theoretically or philosophically connected to social work.
5. Method & Solution – Design a method to solve or improve the “problem”. A broad conceptual description of your solution is what I am looking for. Identify a social work theory or practice
approach that supports your thinking. Be creative and develop an original solution. I am not going to grade you on the viability of your solution.
Submission requires a scholarly level of writing that includes cited research supplying a minimum of five credible/scholarly articles to support the paper. The Needs Assessment should be a minimum
of 7 pages in length (title and reference page not included in page count) using proper APA 6th Edition format.