case study report

case study report



Due date

Sunday 1st November 2015, 11.59pm

Students will select ONE of the two attached case stories:

Case 1. The Enthusiastic Delegator
Case 2. Computer Pains
Students will then choose ONE of the two sets of decisions identified in each case study and will write an academic report on the case and set of decisions they have selected, addressing the following: –

Use relevant academic theories, models and frameworks from any of the Personality and Values, Psychology and/or Sociology perspectives covered in lectures in this course (students can choose to focus upon any combination of theories from any of these three perspectives) to

(Criterion 2)

identify, synthesize and critically evaluate the key issue/s that underpin the decision(s) and

(Criterion 1)

draw a conclusion based on their critical evaluation and then make recommendation/s to address the identified issue/s

(Criterion 3)

Research – Students may conduct independent research to source further information about the case decision beyond the multiple links already provided here. Research on the decision needs to be relevant to key issues of the decision and findings should illustrate the theory discussed. Students are also expected to research academic sources widely for this assignment and not rely on the PowerPoint lectures and prescribed text book from this course. Correct APA6th in-text citations for all sources and a correctly set out reference list are required.

Structure – Students are expected to submit this assignment using report format (i.e. executive summary, table of contents, headings etc. per the Student Manual, note – Letter of Transmittal not required).

(Criterion 4)

Case studies

Students should select one of the following four report titles for their report:
Case 1: The Enthusiastic Delegator: New Appointment Decisions

Case 1: The Enthusiastic Delegator: New Plant and Reorganisation Decisions

Case 2: Computer Pains: Warren’s Decisions

Case 2: Computer Pains: Lora’s Decisions
Student Assessment Output

Case Study Analysis Report (2000 words)

Needs a cover sheet,content, and introduction and body of the paragraph, the conclusion and the recommendation.